Wednesday, 5 October 2011

In this video clip of 'The Birds' there are many examples of continuity & different types of camera angles/shots. There's not many shots taken though each shot is very effective on the audience due to the great use of continuity.

1 - Establishing Shot 
2 - Mid-shot
3 - Mid-Long shot (tracking)
4 - Low angle mid-shot
5 - Mid-shot
6 - Mid-shot
7 - Close-up
8 - Medium Close-up
9 - Mid-shot
10 - Medium close-up
11 - Close-up (dead male characters feet)
12 - Medium close-up
13 - Long Shot (Point of view shot)
14 - Mid-Shot
15 - Close-up
16 - Medium Close-up
17 - Long shot
18 - Low angle close-up (Female character running towards the camera)

In the very beginning the female character lets her self into the house; during this there's a straight cut from a medium shot to a long medium shot inside of the house. This was great use of continuity due to how smooth it is and the accuracy of the cut is very precise 

The next example of continuity is when the female character walks into the corridor. Once again the cut is very accurate and smooth allowing the flow of the two clips be put together very smoothly.

Another example of continuity occurs when the female character walks into the bedroom; the camera switches from a long shot of her walking down the corridor to a close-up shot of her face. This was done very smoothly and allowed her facial expression to be recognised by the audience.

With all the editing done accurately it allows the video clip to become very smooth giving it a professional feel. The continuity on the match on actions within this clip is done to perfection which is good on the viewers eyes and makes them want to watch more!

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